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West Part of Nusa Penida Island

angel billabong
Nusa Penida West Tour With 3 - 4 Spots Snorkeling (Private All-Inclusive)

Our all-inclusive Nusa Penida day tour will start with you being picked up from your Bali hotel or villa by one of our awesome local tour guides and take you back to your hotel when the tour completes. No need to worry about transportation or whatsoever because we will provide it for you. This is one of the most popular tours in Bali, so taking a trip to Nusa Penida should definitely be on the agenda.

You’ll be taken to Sanur Port where you’ll hop on a high speed boat to the paradise island of Nusa Penida. Once you land, your lovely tour guide will take you to see all of the famously stunning spots on the island

Manta Bay

Spot snorkeling Nusa Penida, Manta Point is the main topography in the area. The main thing that can be seen while diving in this region is the giant manta ray. The extraordinary being is interested in the area because of the plankton and nutrients. In addition, Manta Ray also take advantage of the area as a place of cleaning.

manta point nusa penida
nusa penida manta bay
nusa penida snorkeling
Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay Nusa Penida is well known by divers, because of its beauty and its current strength. The calm waters of Gamat bay are full of small caves and crevices and the variety of reef fish and invertebrates here are exceptional. Reachable only by boat, small white sand beach and crystal clear waters here make for excellent snorkeling and diving. The bay is filled with colorful fish and corals, perfect for snorkeling after diving.

gamat bay nusa penida
nusa penida gamat bay
snorkeling at gamat bay nusa penida
Crystal Bay Beach

Stunning natural scenery with very clear sea water, making divers impatient to infiltrate into it. You will not find this dive site again complete with cliffs and steep slopes. There are more small gaps surrounded by a variety of sea fish, certainly add charm from the place. The coral mound is where small fish seek refuge. It is a natural habitat that fits and has not been disturbed by dirty hands of humans. Cyrstal Bay is home to great pelagic fish, sharks, stingrays, sunfish and cute turtles. While on the main part of the bay, has a shallow water between several rocks. The right area for divers to rest after watching the underwater life.

crystal bay nusa penida
crystal bay beach nusa penida
nusa penida snorkeling
Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach or Pinkie beach of tour Nusa Penida destination as well as the exact location of messing about. Interesting Landscape, certainly display photos that are perfect for the bride and groom. At this beach, it can be romantic, witness for those who want to get married. Originally discovered by Czech Tourists and Asutralia in 2003. Coastal environments have not been tidy. Still in the form of shrubs that are difficult to reach.

The sand is white and the Pinkie Beach feel soft. When the water receded, it can make you witness the Manta Rays swim freely. Around Pinkie Beach, there is a cave with many nest swiftlet. Filled with green grass, still small voice, sea water clean blue and sand filter, soft white that was an overview of Kelingking Beach. The Kelingking beach is often called by foreign tourists as The Best Hidden or Secret Beach in Bali

kelingking beach nusa penida
nusa penida kelingking beach
keling beach
Broken Beach

Broken Beach Nusa Penida (Pasih Uug Nusa Penida), known by tourists for its unique location. There is a big hole in between the hills. A difficult wave makes the sea water into the hole. And from the top of the hill we can see the beauty of this tunnel. To be able to swim in a large pond is certainly not possible. Because the water is located at the bottom of the hill about 30 meters. You can walk down the hill, and take some pictures. The beach is surrounded by green hills and blue oceans.

broken beach nusa penida
nusa penida broken beach
broken beach
Angel's Billabong

The thousand islands is a hill that is located above sea level, so the view is truly amazing. First impressions caused when you see this place was amazed, amazed and grateful. Because you are going to choose rocks and cliffs composed charmingly like thousand-island of dunes to protect it.

Become an unforgettable memorable experience especially for those of you who don’t want to dive. The journey is not easy, you will go through the path, and then down the hill which is a bit steep. There is a natural staircase from ground limestone and deliberately constructed by local citizens in easy access to the thousand islands. Many say that the thousand Islands landscape almost as in Raja Ampat, Papua.

angel's billabong nusa penida
nusa penida angel's billabong
angel's billabong

Top Highlights

  • Snorkel at all of the iconic spots in Nusa Penida and get the chance to swim with the incredible manta rays!
  • Visit all of the most stunning spots in Nusa Penida and get amazing photos at each one! Don’t worry, our guides are great at getting those angles!
  • Have your own private tour guide and driver for the day who will be keen to share their local knowledge with you. Our Nusa Penida tour packages are renowned for taking you to the most beautiful spots and teaching you about the culture at the same time
  • This Nusa Penida West Tour With 3 - 4 Spots Snorkeling (Private All-Inclusive) so no need to worry about spending additional money on lunch, entrance fees etc. - we’ve got you covered!

Tour Schedule :

The Price

Partcipant Foreigner Domestic
2 person IDR 875.000 / person IDR 825.000 / person
3 person IDR 775.000 / person IDR 725.000 / person
4 person IDR 725.000 / person IDR 675.000 / person
5 person IDR 625.000 / person IDR 575.000 / person
6 person IDR 575.000 / person IDR 525.000 / person
Available more participants "click Book Here" - the cost Book Here - Fereigner Price Book Here - Domestic Price

Included :

  • Private round-trip transportation from your hotel
  • Lunch (Indonesian Food)
  • Private car with A/C on the island
  • English speaking driver and tour guide
  • Entrance ticket for each attraction
  • Round-trip fast boat tickets (Express pass - no waiting in line for tickets)
  • Fast boat snorkeling (shared with other groups)
  • Speed boat & Snorkeling equipment (camera underwater, mask, fins and life jacket)
  • Snorkeling Instructor
  • Insurance
  • Mineral Water

Excluded :

  • Gratuities
  • Harbour Fee about Rp.25.000/person (please prepare cash and pay directly on the spot )

What to bring ?

  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sandals
  • Change of clothes
  • Motion sickness medicine (if needed)
  • Sunscree

Note :

  • Times and attractions usually can be customized to fit your request (just let us know)
  • Times above are subject to change due to local conditions
  • If you use taxi or have own driver, please meet us at Toko Hangtuah (around harbour) at 07.00 AM and please wait there until our staff pick you up
  • Capacity 6 person /car (maximum)
  • We use Paypal and Credit Card as our payment getaway to protect and secure your online transaction